The California Western Rail Road, aka, the Skunk Train

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In 1998, two of my sons and I drove up to Fillmore CA to visit the Fillmore Western Railroad and the train fair that was occuring at the Fillmore station. The train ride was an out and back affair that went 12 miles or so west of Fillmore, but it was behind a steam engine. We also took a short ride east from the station on a Fairmont speeder.

This video were shot on an old Sony 8 mm analog camcorder and eventually transcribed into DV format with the use of a newer Sony mini-DV camcorder in analog pass through mode. The video was saved as an iMovie project and then exported to .mov files in h.264 format. The original camera didn't have a lot of video resolution so that 320x240 videos show about all the detail that there is to see on the original videos.

You'll have to pardon the shaky video in spots, the cameraman was often distracted by his small children moving about.

The Fillmore Western RR
Title Size
A Ride on the Fillmore Western RR 118.4 1998

The movie files are stored in Apple's QuickTime video h.264 format. If your computer can't handle QuickTime or h.264 now, you can get it for most versions of Windows or the MacOS at:

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