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As a celabration of our retirements as of August 2007, Sandy and I took a 25 day cruise from Los Angeles to New Zealand and then another 2 weeks or so of land travel around New Zealand. We got around on motor coaches, and were we could, on the New Zealand national rail system, which is 42" gauge.

There was a total of four train rides on the trip, three of them on the south island and one on the north. Trip number 3 was a duplicate of trip number 1 but in the opposite direction so there isn't a lot of video from that one.

I also have video from a steamship ride on a lake at Queenstown. This fits here because it is a REAL steamship.

Rides on the New Zealand National Narrow Gauge Railway
Title Size
The Tranz Scenic from Picton to Christchurch 22.3 October 26, 2007
The TSS Earnslaw 45 October 31, 2007
The Tranz Alpine from Graymouth to Christchurch 18.2 November 2, 2007
The Christchurch Train Station 1.4 November 3, 2007
The Overlander from Wellington to Auckland 18.1 November 4, 2007

The movie files are stored in Apple's QuickTime video h.264 format. If your computer can't handle QuickTime or h.264 now, you can get it for most versions of Windows or the MacOS at:

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