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In my limited travels, I have snapped pictures of interesting wrecks and relics of an era gone by. These are all railroad related subjects in some way. All these pictures came from my own camera.

The pictures below are links to more pictures and text along the same themes as the picture shown. Linked pictures will have a blue border. If you've already seen the link, the border will be red.

old dinah

Old Dinah, A Steam Tractor
Located at the Furnace Creek Ranch
Death Valley National Park
Death Valley, California

mine tractor

Industrial and Mining Equipment

dvrr consolidation

The Death Valley Railway

the slim princess

The Slim Princess
aka The Carson and Colorado
aka the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge
Located at the Laws Railroad Museum
Laws, California

old number 2

The White Pass and Yukon
Skagway, Alaska

swayback coach

Miscellaneous relics
from far and wide

wrm #352

Key System #352
an operating relic at the
The Western Railroad Museum

LK&P #1

The Lahaina, Kaanapali & Pacific
A former sugar cane railway converted to a tourist attraction

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