The Geologically Improbable Railroad, Mountain Division

Sample Rolling Stock

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Bachmann Shay A Bachmann Shay has been modified for the tight height clearances of the GIRR Mountain Division. The original Bachmann diamond stack was simply removed and replaced with a modified stack from a junker RC Big Hauler. A light overspray of engine black over the silver plastic matched the smokebox color of the Shay nearly perfectly. The steam dome had a 1/4" section removed from its center and has been glued back together, sanded and painted. The split line is virtually invisible.

The cars below were airbrushed with a light basecoat that was similar to the base color of the car. This fades out the lettering. They were then airbrushed lightly with PolyScale Earth to fade them further. A heavier layer of Earth was sprayed on the trucks and the bottoms of the cars to represent splashed dirt. The wheels have been painted Roof Brown.

shay rear view
stock car
tank car
stock car
log car
log truck

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