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Equipment Roster

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The GIRR Mountain Division Roster consists mainly of Bachmann manufactured equipment. I prefer this stuff because it looks good, runs fine, was real cheap, and looses no value when modified or weathered. All of these locos (except the RC Big Hauler and the trolley car) have DCC installed and all but the Lionel Handcar and Bachmann Trolly have sound of some sort.


heislerThe Bachmann Heisler is the latest addition to the GIRR Mountain Division. This one was purchased long after production of this model ceased. The loco required some work to get it to run properly, but it does indeed run very well now. As soon as I find my white lettering materials, it will get a road number.

shayI actually have two Shays, one at the GIRR and one at the GIRR, Mountain Division. The other one has had the most work with a digital sound system and DCC installed. The one here at the Mountain Division has only been shortened to meet the tight vertical clearance requirements of the Mountain Division, has had Hillside Railway contacts installed and it has had an old Bachmann analog sound system installed. This one has also been relettered.

atsf 10 wheelerThis is one of my oldest Big Haulers, a 2nd generation version. It has had many modifications to make it a serviceable engine. It runs pretty well now, but the front truck (which is already weighted) still needs it's mount modified as the truck still has a tendency to derail at particular spots on the railroad.

chattanooga 10 wheelerThe Chattanooga Choo Choo Big Hauler is a nearly box stock 5th generation locomotive. It has had contacts added to the tender wheels and the 4-chuff modification to it's sound system.

emmett kelly 10 wheelerThe Emmett Kelly Jr. Circus Big Hauler is a 3rd generation locomotive that also been extensively modified. It has the revised pilot truck mount, a 4-chuff sound system, new power pickups, shimmed drivers and various other modifications.

rc 10 wheelerThe Radio Control Big Hauler is a 1st generation unit, besides getting metal drivers, it hasn't been extensively modified. It also doesn't see service very often because it's radio control system is just so flakey.

columbiaThe Bachmann Columbia had received a new bottom end from Bachmann as the original one was just so poor. It has the 4-chuff sound system and power pickups in the tender as well.

railtruckThe Bachmann Railtruck had a couple of fixable problems, but overall it is a fine model with good detail. It runs quite smoothly and quietly.

trollyThe Bachmann Open Side Trolly was not such a good runner, the original mechanism was terrible, but Bachmann updated it so now it at least runs. This trolly runs on a dedicated loop to loop trolly line through the town. Smooth stops and starts are automatically timed with an automatic reversing controller. The trolly line is 2 foot DIAMETER track which the trolly handles well enough.

c16This is the first version of Aristo's C-16. There is a newer version that I don't know much about. This one has had a Soundtraxx Sierra installed in the tender. It's been lowered. The smoke unit has been changed to an LGB type unit and the loco has an LED headlight installed.

rogersThe Aristo Rogers has been modified to handle tight curves better and has power pickups added to the tender.

railbusThe Aristo Classic Railbus is pretty much stock except that it has a Soundtraxx Sierra sound system installed.

040This LGB 0-4-0 and matching powered tender are pretty much stock except that the tender has been modified to accept a sound system. This pair may be small, but they are pretty respectable pullers. Both of them have been packed with lead weights to help improve the pulling power even more.

daisyDaisy is mostly stock except that it has had its couplers changed out an the saddle tank is packed with lead.

handcarThe Lionel handcar is the only nearly stock "loco" that I have. This thing is a very poor puller. It came with couplers that were fully useless because it couldn't pull anything. It's brass wheels also get dirty really fast.

jamesJames has had power pickups added to the center drivers and a sound system added to the tender.

Rolling Stock

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