White Pass and Yukon Relics

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old #2This is Engine #2 of the White Pass and Yukon Railway. Actually, this was their first engine, but it was numbered #2 because a railroad had to own two engines before it could apply for some kind of funding. A nearly identical engine was acquired later and numbered #1. In subsequent years, #2 was renumbered #52. It now sits across the street from the WP&Y RR station in Skagway AK. If you should be in Skagway, stop by the diner right next to the engine for the best halibut burger in the entire world.

work engineThis engine is a sample of the special GE diesels built for the WP&Y RR. This one might actually be serviceable, but its missing the center axles on both trucks and it looks a little well worn.

junked steamerThis looks like an old Mogul and it is definitely in bad condition. I don't know how it got here, but it looks like it might stay here a little longer.

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