Medical and Sculpting Tools

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medical toolsAt most swap meets or train shows, somebody is selling surplus medical and dental tools. These things are usually very well made and usually in nearly perfect condition. A collection of various evil looking dental tools come in very handy when working over plaster or urethane castings. Forceps are very useful for holding and clamping small parts. Use you imagination when you see these tools and buy a few, but be sure to get a dental mirror.

sculpting toolsSculptors also use some pretty gruesome looking tools. These are equally handy as medical tools for gouging and scraping at plaster castings. You can find these at most artists supply stores.

Stainless steel tweezers are incredibly handy for holding small parts. there are hundreds of kinds. Find some with sturdy tips. Many tweezers have very fine tips designed to hold semiconductor chips. These are too fine for modeling work as the tips are very fragile.

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