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Zimo is a European DCC manufacturer that makes a whole line of DCC equipment. Unfortunately, due to exchange rate issues, Zimo equipment tends to be a little expensive now, but it is effective.

There is little new information on this page. It serves as a place to collect, in one place, the information that is otherwise spread all over this web site.

The one type of Zimo decoder that I have used, the MX65/N, is actually an obsolete part now. There are newer and better ones now but I don't have any experience with them. If you are looking for a high quality decoder, look to Zimo.



zimo mx65/nThe Zimo MX65/N is a small, yet powerful decoder. The motor drive is good for 3 amps and it can be set to run at a wide range of PWM frequencies, including supersonic ones. It has eight function outputs but none have special function generators on them.

The Zimo MX65/N has been successful in all but one installation that I have performed. It couldn't quite handle the current requirements of an Aristo Pacific under high loads.

The one complaint that I had with the Zimo decoder was a pretty minor one. The function connections plug into a pin array header which is good, but the provided harness was not color coded and requires that the wires be counted to find the right one. This is a small bother for an otherwise excellent decoder.

MX65/N Installations
Locomotive Link Notes
Lionel Atlantic Atlantic Tips Works fine, no troubles at all.
Aristo Pacific Aristo Pacific Tips This decoder couldn't quite provide the current that the Pacific need to forestall lugging.
Aristo 0-4-0 Aristo 0-4-0 Tips Works fine, still in there.
Aristo FA1/FB1 DCC Installation in the FA-1 Works fine, they are still in there.

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